Wait! WHAT?!

Yes, that’s right girlfriend. Unique as we are, all women experience some level of physical and emotional highs and lows due to hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle , which impacts the way we think, feel and behave. Each phase offers a set of amazing skills and abilities that can be every girl’s biggest asset - both in the business as well as personal life. In fact, you’re naturally given an access to increased spells of creativity, communication, problem-solving, body restoration, strategy thinking, intuition and more every single month.

I want to focus on the menstrual phase itself in this blog because I understand the “time of the month” might not necessarily be your favourite for a number of reasons. Whether it’s spotty skin, bloated belly, uncomfortable pain & heavy bleeding, increased insecurities, or being an emotional wrack. I don’t think majority of women get too excited about their periods full stop.

But here’s the thing. If you understand what’s going on during this phase and work with your body needs rather than against it I guarantee you can transform the experience.

The menstrual phase is also referred to as “reflective phase” or “natural hibernation”. It’s crucial to slow down, give your body a rest, and recharge energy. If you’re finding this stage difficult it might be partly because you keep pushing and overriding this natural state of slow pace. And I get it. It’s not always possible to take a few days off from your family and work commitments. But even small tweaks can make a difference.

So here’s a list of simple strategies:


  • Slow down. Do less physical activity

  • Give the gym a miss for a couple of days

  • Focus on deep breathing & gentle type of exercise instead (e.g. Pilates, yoga, Body Balance)

  • Get more sleep (or schedule in a nap during the day if possible)

  • Limit the intake of caffeine (don’t overstimulate your body)

  • Aim for light/simple & unprocessed foods (there’s natural reduction in food we eat during this phase)


  • Avoid making important decisions

  • Avoid long working hours (you can always catch up in the “Dynamic phase” which follows)

  • Don’t feel guilty for being less productive. Give yourself a permission to slow down and restore your body & energy

  • Practise visualisation of your goals & dreams (no need to take any action, simply observe it and generate positive emotions. We have the increased ability to review our goals and life in general based on our feelings and intuition rather than rational thoughts)

  • Re-connect with nature (there’s a natural connection to nature during this phase)

  • Keep things simple and avoid over-commitment (social networking & interactions)

  • Understand that forcing yourself to do more will create stress

Simply tune into your body and go with the gentle flow! Work together with your body, not against it. Share with your girlfriends, sisters, and soul sisters if you feel those strategies can empower them!

More “do’s & don’ts” to come on the Dynamic, Expressive and Creative phase so watch the space!

With love