A down-to-earth girl with creative & gentle soul, curious & open-minded attitude to life, and a personal story to share!

In fact, I never thought I have a story. Or at least not a story powerful enough to share let alone inspire others. I never experienced any trauma, I was never abused or mistreated, I was born to extremely loving & supportive parents, I have a big family, and an amazing circle of friends since my childhood. I was fortunate enough to be able to study and receive a number of qualifications. I married a good man who is always there for me. I’ve travelled and seen the world. I lived in a number of countries and moved continents.

Sounds almost too perfect! Except, we all have struggles regardless where we come from. And so did I. Seemingly insignificant particularly to others but very real and damaging to myself. Since my teenage years I’ve been dealing with symptoms of hormonal imbalances. Pretty normal in times of puberty, not so much in your 20’s & 30’s. I suffered from very painful periods (no way I could function without popping a painkiller), acne which was obviously linked to my monthly cycle, mood swings which would easily made me to snap at others or cry for no real reason and also feel very angry inside. In my early 20’s I was “finally” put on the pill (honestly can’t even remember the brand) and admittedly my skin and period pain improved for a while; however a couple of years in I developed new symptoms including cellulite, sore breasts, I gained weight around my belly & tights despite the fact I was exercising more than ever, and my mood was up and down like a rollercoaster. Some of my clients mentioned to me recently: “ I know I act like a crazy person but I can’t help it”. Well, this is exactly it. After 5 years on the pill I was encouraged to swap to another brand which made literally no difference. There was no solution coming from the conventional medicine specialists. And my confidence and self-respect was hitting rock bottom.

After 7 years of consuming contraception every single day and yet seeing no improvements I made up my mind, quit the “magic” pill and turned 100% to healthy eating and lifestyle. I was half way through my degree in Nutritional Therapy at the time; therefore exposed to endless amounts of lectures, research, studies, and assignments, all of which were extremely helpful as well as eye opening. I’ve learnt all my symptoms were strongly related to sex hormone imbalances, particularly estrogen and progesterone. I’ve also learnt that it actually is a condition which is known as estrogen dominance. Not only I felt slightly relieved I wasn’t “crazy” but also I felt excited because I knew there was a way out. Finally a solution which didn’t involve synthetic hormones.

It’s been a journey ever since! And although I still have my moments and occasional flare-ups I know what works for me, which foods are super beneficial and which are best avoided. I know what supplements and herbs can help and ease my symptoms. Now I also know increased stress is one of the major triggers. So while my education and training is pretty much based on science, clinical evidence, and the main principles of Functional Medicine; there are admittedly other crucial pieces to the puzzle which include our mindset, beliefs, daily habits, regular restoration also known as “time out” or meditation, gratitude, and living with a purpose. Often overlooked or not taken seriously and yet the most powerful tools of all in the recovery process.

My hormones. My story

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