for women

who want to live a symptom free life but their hormones keep letting them down


I am Eva

forever passionate foodie, health warrior, beauty & balance seeker

My hormones have been letting me down for years and significantly affecting my body & mood & self-esteem

i want to share my story and help other women to found their own ground again through the principles of functional nutrition

my hormones . my story


Little did I know about the power of nutritious foods and unique properties of herbs when I first started to experience symptoms which are less than appreciated when you are a teenager. Very painful period, acne, sugar cravings, bloating and serious lack of self love as a result. There was no major improvement in my twenties . Adopting a healthy way of eating and  nourishing my body from within as well as restoring the digestive system and friendly gut bacteria were the key steps for me to start the ball rolling. But I discovered other factors which had to be also addressed. Trust me when I say your hormones require more attention which goes above & beyond nutrition.


Knowledge really is power. Rather than providing vital nutrients my body desperately needed to deal with my pains, flare ups and moodiness I spent a lot of time and money on promising skin products. I was left disappointed every time! Years later I learnt that synthetic compounds found in personal care products (creams, shampoos, shower gels) are not only toxic but can also contribute to a state known as "Estrogen Dominance". I also learnt that such toxins can cause imbalances in the gut bacteria - essential for digestion & hormonal balance. So there was my answer and I started reducing the exposure to any toxins in my own personal space. Yet another missing piece to the puzzle.


My life has always been fast and busy. I spent many years studying, working, exercising, socialising, travelling and living abroad. There was a very little time for relaxation and recovery. The more I became in tune with my own body the more I recognised certain patterns. The connection between my stress levels and manifesting symptoms was (still is) very obvious. So instead of training for a marathon I turned to gentle types of exercise, deep breathing practice, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and simply started to schedule in "me time". Nothing too fancy. Reading books, writing a journal, colouring and photography. The things that make you forget to check your phone.


Rebalance your sex hormones

Your hormones & Your story might be different and very unique to you.

But if you feel my story somehow resonates and you want to overcome whatever symptoms are holding you back then get in touch.